Friday, October 29, 2010

Guest lecture 1: Therese Reuterswärd (Fri Nov 5 at 8-10)

Guest: Therese Reuterswärd, Digital Communications Manager at Electrolux (consultant)
Title: From visitors to business: Using social media in the enterprise
Place: Lecture hall D3 (8-10 - please be on time!)

Therese will talk about implementing social media solutions in marketing, customer support, product development, brand management and in everyday operations at the global white goods manufacturer Electrolux. She will also talk some about tools and services that anyone can use to monitor and follow up social media activities.

[Please take a moment to think about these issues. What do you imagine or expect Therese to talk about? Can you in advance think of questions you would like to pose? / Daniel]

About Therese:
Therese Reuterswärd graduated from KTH in 2006 with an engineering degree in media technology. She runs her own consulting company, True Consulting AB, and helps companies engage in a dialogue with their target group and use social media to convert visitor traffic into business.

She has worked with and created solutions for companies such as Sveriges Television, L'Oreal, SEB, Lantmännen, VisitSweden and Volvo.

Therese's presentation can be found here.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Seminar assignment 1


This course is taken by a very diverse group of students, coming from a wide range of countries and with a wide variety of experiences of computer technologies in general and social media in particular. This seminar is our first and best chance to get to know each other a little better and this is also the reason why it is important for you to go to you "regular" seminar group at this specific occasion.

The instructions for seminar assignment 1 is now available in Bilda (in "Bilda/Documents/Seminar assignments").

Do note that this is the first time I ever try something like this - I hope everything will turn out fine and that we will not be visited by technical "gremlins" of any kind. Please read and follow the instructions carefully to decrease the chance of any technical problems.

Please pose any questions you might have about the assignment as comments to this blog post.


Selection of seminar group

The students who attended the introductory lecture yesterday selected seminar groups and this was the result:

- Seminar group A has 10 members
- Seminar group B has 27 members
- Seminar group C has 11 members

Seminar group B is now closed!

If you're not one of the 27, then you have to choose another seminar group. Please check out the schedule for the course. It is possible to temporarily change group for a seminar, but it is very good if you can refrain from doing that at seminar 1 and seminar 2 (next week and the week after).

You have to belong to a seminar group if you plan to take this course. Please choose the group you want to belong to by commenting on this blog post. Write your name and your seminar group choice (A or C) in the comment.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How to communicate in the course

Just in case you missed it (at today's introductory lecture):

This blog will be used for one-way dissemination of course-relevant information from me (lecturer) to you (students). You can comment on these blog posts and I will read (and answer) your comments. Please use this way to comment/communicate with me if you think the matter at hand might be of interest also to other course participants.

If you on the other hand have a personal matter, please send me an e-mail with "DM2578" in the header of the mail.

Don't forget that there is a companion blog,
I will (soon) invite you all to become authors there and I would like us all to use the companion blog to post texts, photos, videos (and links) about cool, interesting, scary, funny, thought-provoking social media-related stuff on the Internet. If you'd like, you can start by looking at what last year's students posted there.

Course literature

The main book we will read during the course is:
- Yochai Benkler, "The Wealth of Networks" (2006)

The book available in offline or online bookstores. It can for example be ordered from (148 SEK + postage) and will be sent in 2-5 days.

The whole book is also available online for free. You can download the whole book (3.6 MB) or individual chapters (PDF files) right here.

The book will be complemented with other texts in the course.

Lecture slides available in Bilda

The slides from today's introductory lecture are now available in the KTH learning management system Bilda. You'll find them in the Bilda group "DM2578 Social Media Technologies HT10" under "Documents/Lectures".

I will upload the slides from every lecture I hold to Bilda, and hope to be able to do it the same day or the day after each lecture. I will also upload slides from our guest lectures if they allow me to do so, and whenever I get my hands on them.

I will from now on not post messages here every time I upload lecture slides (my own or someone else's) to Bilda.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Welcome to the DM2578 course blog

Welcome to the course blog for DM2578 Social Media Technologies (autumn 2010).

This blog will be the main tool for spreading course-relevant information from me (teacher) to you (studen) during the course. Please check it out regularly, or, subscribe to the RSS feed.

Readings, information about seminar assignments, changes in the schedule and a cancelled lecture will be announced here, so it could be a good idea to check out the blog before every lecture or seminar...

/Daniel Pargman