Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How to communicate in the course

Just in case you missed it (at today's introductory lecture):

This blog will be used for one-way dissemination of course-relevant information from me (lecturer) to you (students). You can comment on these blog posts and I will read (and answer) your comments. Please use this way to comment/communicate with me if you think the matter at hand might be of interest also to other course participants.

If you on the other hand have a personal matter, please send me an e-mail with "DM2578" in the header of the mail.

Don't forget that there is a companion blog, http://socialmediatechnologies.blogspot.com/
I will (soon) invite you all to become authors there and I would like us all to use the companion blog to post texts, photos, videos (and links) about cool, interesting, scary, funny, thought-provoking social media-related stuff on the Internet. If you'd like, you can start by looking at what last year's students posted there.

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