Tuesday, December 7, 2010


In the criteria for examination and grading, it is stated that "Each seminar assignment can be regarded as a (tough) exam question that is done in advance of the final exam".

I stated in the beginning of the course that my goal would be to read and grade seminar assignments from one to two seminar groups in parallel to ordinary course activities. I have dismally failed to live up to that goal.

In hindsight, the seminar assignments can in fact be regarded exactly as "exam questions done in advance", but that I will read, grade and provide feedback on together (rather than in advance of) the final exam. For which I am sorry.

It's unfortunately been a very hectic autumn for me, some of which is chronicled in my academic blog. Truth be told, I have probably taken on and participated in too many different activities during this period and while I am sorry for not having been able to grade your assignments, I am on the other hand quite content with having been able to keep up with all the other work with the course (prepare for seminars, lectures and guest lectures, upload stuff to Bilda, write (more or less) timely messages to this blog etc.).

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