Sunday, December 12, 2010

Home exam

The home exam is now available in Bilda (in "Documents"). It was uploaded slightly before 08.00 on Sunday morning December 12. You have 24 hours to complete the exam and upload it (.doc or .pdf file) to the folder "home exam" in Bilda.

Do note that you can replace an exam with a later version - so it might be a good idea to upload an almost-finished version just to be on the safe side!

Read the instructions for the exam carefully and follow them! If something needs to be clarified, please pose your question here, I will check out the blog at least a couple of times during Sunday.

You can get a maximum of 25 points on the exam. I'm not really fond of allowing late exams to be handed in but (at least) one student has an ok reason for having to hand in the exam late and I do take into account that you are writing this exam on a Sunday. Late exams should be uploaded to the "late home exam" folder.
  • I will deduct 3.5 points (~15% of the maximum number of points) from exams that are handed in up to 10 hours late (e.g. before 18.00 Monday night).
  • I will deduct 6 points (~25% of the maximum number of points) from exams that are handed in up to 24 hours late (e.g. before 08.00 Tuesday morning). A 6-point deduction corresponds to a lowering of the grade with one step (a B becomes a C etc.)
  • Exams that are handed in later than 24 hours after the deadline automatically fail and will not be graded. You will then have to do the exam again at a later point in time. It will obviously not be easier to pass the exam the second time around so please make sure to hand it in (in time).
After these admonitions, I'd like to end this blog post by wishing you all good luck!

PS. I glanced at the course evaluations and will get back here, on this blog, with some feedback, but since I go away and will not bring the course evaluations with me, that will have to wait until January.


  1. I just read question 4 but haven't yet decided on wether I see you with our without a teacher job in 10 years.

    Let's say that i DO believe you are still a teacher in 10 years, how do you want me to formulate the answer for 4b)?

  2. Well, the question states that you should 1) argue (convincingly) and 2) find support in the course literature.

    When you answer the question, I guess you can either
    a) find support for [something] in the course literature and base your answer on that, or,
    b) decide on a position and then go look for support in the course literature.

  3. A question about the seminar 6 assignment hand- ins.

    Were we all supposed to hand in a copy of the essay on bilda? Or was it enough if just one in the group did it?

    Don't want to missa any points!

  4. It's enough if (on member in) the group handed it in. I wrote in a previous post that every person whose name was on a poster has passed the assignment (but there were no points awarded though, might change that for next year).