Sunday, November 21, 2010

Changes in the schedule

There are three changes in the schedule during the last two weeks of the course (week 48-49).

Week 48
- The lecture on Friday December 3 (13-15) has been moved to Thursday December 2 (13-15).

Week 49
- The guest lecture that was cancelled this week (Friday November 19 at 13-15) has been moved/replaced by a guest lecture on Friday December 10 (13-15).

- The three seminar groups during week 49 had been conflated into only one occasion. This way we will all have the possibility to see the exciting results (posters) of all 15 groups. You will present your Rich Pictures on Tuesday December 7 at 12.30-15.00 in "Ljusgården".

Comment: Ljusgården is the very special large-ish "room" (half-open, half-enclosed space) right outside the seminar room E34. I wanted to have the space between 13-16 but it was booked from 15 so I had to schedule the presentations from 12.30 to be on the safe side (we definitely want to hear all the groups present).

I will hand out (large) papers for your poster one week in advance of the presentation. You will hang your posters on the wall with adhesive tape.

Do note that I will also invite some people who do not attend the course (for example all the five guest lecturers as well as my colleagues at the Dept. of Media Technology) to attend the presentations of your Rich Pictures.

For further instructions, see the course webpage as well as the instructions that were handed out at the group formation exercise (in Bilda/Documents/Seminar assignments).

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