Monday, November 8, 2010

Readings for lecture/seminar 3

This is what you should read to prepare for this week's lecture (Thu Nov 11) and the seminar 3 assignment (Mo Nov 15 - Tue Nov 16):

- Benkler (2006), "Emergence of the Networked Public Sphere" (chapter 7 in Benkler (2006), "The wealth of networks"). While the whole chapter is of interest, the lecture and the seminar assignment will primarily treat the second half of the chapter, i.e. pp. 241-272.
- Ramos (200X), "Linked: The new science of networks" (a really good, short and concentrated introduction to network theory in the form of a review of the book "Linked" by Barabási (2002)).

Don't forget that we have a second (guest) lecture on Friday.


  1. Hi Daniel!

    I uploaded the weeks assignment in the usual folder for seminar 3 since it was still open, but realised that I was 13 min late. I've now uploaded it in the "late assignments"-folder but cannot remove it from the usual one. Can you do this?

    Also, is the "late assignment"-folder for all late assignments, everery week? I was late with the one last week (as well), and did therefore not upload it, but can I do it now? When is the deadline for late assignments?



  2. It's the same folder for all late assignments (ever week).

    I haven't actually specified how late you can be with (previous) assignments. But I have to say that when the deadline of the *next* assignment is due, the deadline for the previous has definitely been passed. I will make an exception for you just this once because you raised the topic. Please upload your previous assignment a.s.a.p.

    As I have stated before, all late assignments will habitually be put aside and will not be graded until *after* the course.

    I noticed that one more student had managed uploaded his assignment late. I would have noticed this when I downloaded them. The reason why it was possible at all is because I clumsily had specified the deadline as 2011-11-14, i.e. one year from now...)