Monday, November 1, 2010

Seminar assignment 2 (deadline Nov 7)

Lecture 2 (Fri Nov 5) as well as seminar assignment 2 (Mo-Tue Nov 8-9) will be based on the first part of Benkler's book (chapters 1-4). This part of the book is, truth be told, rather dry and I will post some further instructions about parts of chapters that you can read more cursorily (hopefully on Monday or Tuesday this week).

Right now, you can find the following documents in Bilda:
- The seminar 2 assignment
- A template you can download and use when you write the assignment
- An example of an assignment from last year ("09 HoyosMorales Seminar Assignment 2.pdf"). His text was good and I have also included my comments in the document itself.

All these three documents are to be found in the folder Bilda/Documents/Seminar assignments.

A suggestion is that you download and read the instructions as soon as possible and keep them at hand when you read chapters 1-4 in Benkler's book.

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