Saturday, November 20, 2010

Guest lecture 3: Axel Andén (Fri Nov 26 at 13-15)

Guest lecturer: Axel Andén, Editor in chief at Medievärlden [Mediaworld]
Title: Media recovering from the real time shock
Place: Lecture hall E2 (13-15 - please be on time!)

How can journalists work in different ways, on different platforms and with different perceptions of time? What are the risks with these recent developments? Who is in power and where are they taking us?

[Please take a moment to think about these issues. What do you imagine or expect Axel to talk about? Can you in advance think of questions you would like to pose? / Daniel]

About Axel:
Axel Andén is Editor in chief at Medievärlden [Mediaworld], a publication covering the media industry. Medievärlden's owner, the Swedish Newspaper Publishers' Association, decided to close the printed edition of Medievärlden and go online-only from November 2009.

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