Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Group C - seminar assignment 6 student groups

These are the results of the group formation exercise. Please use Bilda to connect to each other (I believe you can find the mail addresses of other students through Bilda).

C1, "Creative people" (preliminary theme)
Rick A
Nhat L
Niklas P
José J (did not attend, has been added to C1 by me)

C2, "Identity play"
Linda B
Sebastian B
Daniel J
Kunthika M
Jiantong P

C3, "Lady Gaga"
Hannah F
Havva G
Weiqiang H
Johannes K
Henchong Z

C4, "Costume party"
Sara G
Ruud G
Oscar K
Gustaf L
Anass S

Please read the instructions (Bilda/Documents/Seminar assignments) as well as the role of the group assignment in the examination of the course.

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