Saturday, November 13, 2010

Guest lecture next week cancelled/moved

As I mentioned at the (guest) lecture yesterday, our next guest has had to cancel his visit to KTH and I have not been able to replace him with someone else on Nov 19 so the afternoon lecture (13-15) will be cancelled. Or perhaps it will be "moved" as I have found a new guest lecturer who instead will come during the last week of the course (most probably on Dec 10, I am negotiating date & time with him right now).

This is just one of several changes that will happen in December, during the last two weeks of the course. I will post information on this blog as soon as I have more information.

Also, except for the course ME2043, "Leadership in cross-cultural communication" which media management master's students take, there really is no other single course that a whole bunch of you studies, but rather many different courses that one or two persons take (according to the information you shared with me on the introductory lecture).

That means that I will only take the schedule of ME2043 into account when I change our schedule. I am aware that any changes will cause a problem for some of you (sorry about that), but hope that the the same changes will also be beneficial to an equal number of other students...

For your information, the last three guest lecturers (week 47-49) in the course are:
- Axel Andén - Swedish journalist and editor in chief of Medievärlden ("Media world")
- Victor Galaz - Researcher at the Stockholm Resilience Center, working on organizational use of social media to track and manage contagious diseases globally
- Ted Valentin - Social media web developer ("king of Swedish map services") and serial entrepreneur

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