Friday, November 5, 2010

Guest lecture 2: Håkan Selg (Fri Nov 12 at 13-15)

Guest: Håkan Selg, Senior Research Scientist at the Swedish IT-User Center at Uppsala University
Title: Social Software: Actors, motives and effects
Place: Lecture hall E3 (13-15 - please be on time!)

Håkan will discuss:
- Social software, its origins and driving forces
- The dynamics of the interplay between technology, communications tools and popular culture
- The impact on attitudes and values inherent in the industrial society
- Challenges from a business perspective

Håkan's recently published report (only in Swedish) is available in the Bilda/Documents/Guest lectures folder. Translated to English, the report is called " 'gives you access to networks you didn't know you had': On professional usage of social media and other digital channels".

[Please take a moment to think about these issues. What do you imagine or expect Therese to talk about? Can you in advance think of questions you would like to pose? / Daniel]

About Håkan:
Håkan is a Senior Research Scientist at the Swedish IT-User Centre, Uppsala University. He has long experience as an analyst in the field of applied sciences, particularly in the diffusion, use and impacts of new technologies. Håkan's focus has during the last decade been Internet technologies, patterns of usage and impact on established organisations.


  1. This will be very interesting! I was actually one of the people interviewed and also in a focus group, so I look forward to hear Håkans results!

    Daniel: Can u upload assignment 3, I would like to start with it as soon as possible since the weekend is not a good time to study.

  2. Fixed. I will hopefully upload seminar assignments on Mondays and otherwise on Tuesdays.