Monday, November 15, 2010

Seminar assignment 4 (deadline Nov 21)

Lecture 4 (Nov 19) and seminar assignment 4 (Mon-Tue Nov 22-23) is based on this weeks readings. You can find the following documents in Bilda (Documents/Seminar Assignments):

- The seminar 4 assignment
- A template for your seminar assignment that you should all download and use
- Two (uncommented) assignments from last year ("09 Fors seminar assignment 4" and "09 CantuAlejandro seminar assignment 4").

Both the examples from last year refer to seminar assignment 4b as 4a is new for this year.

I suggest you download and read the seminar assignment instructions and have them at hand when you read this week's literature.


  1. Is it just me, or is the font for this and the previous post black. Really hard to read!

  2. I hope this is better.

    The thing is that I might schedule a blog post to be published at a later point (day, time) and then I might miss the fact that it will look strange until I see it myself...