Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Date for home exam is Sun Dec 12

Several persons keep the pressure up and keep asking me about the date for the home exam (as they want to plan trips back home and need to know when not to go). There has been answers trailing in up until now so I have held a decision off until now.

The two top dates for having the exam is Mon-Tue Dec 13-14, but even though this is attractive to many, others have exams those days. My interest is also to choose a date when as many as possible (preferably all of you) can and will do the exam.

So, after a brief discussion with the 28 students in seminar group B yesterday, I have chosen Sunday December 12.

The exam will be made accessible for downloading in Bilda at 08.00 in the morning. You will have 24 hours to complete it and upload it to Bilda. Late exams can be uploaded to a "late exams" folder in Bilda but will be penalized for their tardiness.

Do note that you can upload a document (your exam) to Bilda and later replace it with a more recent version. For your information: if I find that you have uploaded two documents in Bilda, I will always throw away the older version (without looking at it).

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