Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vote for the date of the home exam!

I am flexible as to the exact date of the home exam. There might be a few changes in the schedule for the last week (Dec 6-10), but any time thereafter is fine with me in the range of Dec 11 to Dec 22.

I therefore invite you to express your preferences in the form of a vote. Or rather two votes; one for when you would prefer to have the exam, and another for dates which are really bad for you (perhaps because you have another exam). The links to these votes will be distributed by mail through Bilda.

The vote will be open until Sunday and I will make a decision next Monday (Nov 15).

The exam will be made available at 08.00 in the morning and you have 24 hours to do the exam (deadline for uploading it to Bilda is 08.00 the next day).


  1. Daniel,

    In your email you mentioned a restriction that you should/could only vote for four days that suited you and two days that are unsuitable for you.

    However, in doodle this restriction is not enforced. Do you expect us to adhere to those restrictions ourselves or is it OK to vote for more days in both polls.

  2. Good questions.

    I expected you all to adhere to the restriction (as far as I know, enforcement isn't implemented in Doodle). I did however noticed that several persons did not adhere to this restriction. I have let it slide, I presume you have good reasons for voting the way you vote and while I can see that it might be *slightly* unfair, I can't really see any immediate huge crucial downside, so I guess this restriction is off.

    It is also possible to vote again (without restrictions) and I think (?) you can also delete your previous vote...?

  3. Yes, you can vote as many times (even with the exact same name). Furthermore it is possible to edit other people's votes that have not voted with a registered (doodle/google/openId etc.) account.

    I've sent a feature request for limiting the amount of votes per row to a custom number (at the moment it is either one or unlimited).

    The editing can be restricted so only the poll creator can edit votes and comments (options in step 4of 4 when creating/editing the poll).

  4. Well, I have never felt the need before, but I have now checked the box where "Only you [Daniel] can modify/delete votes and comments".

    You *can* vote again - I'll just delete you're previous entry. I've already done that a couple of times.