Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Seminar assignment 3 (deadline Nov 14)

Lecture 3 (Nov 11) and seminar assignment 3 (Mon-Tue Nov 15-16) is based on this weeks readings. You can find the following documents in Bilda (Documents/Seminar Assignments):

- The seminar 3 assignment
- A template for your seminar assignment that you should download and use
- An example of a assignment from last year ("09 CantuAlejandro Seminar assignment 3.pdf") that I have commented.

I again suggest you download and read the seminar assignment instructions and have them at hand when you read this week's literature.

Here is some further advice to make your texts as good as possible:
  • Go for depth before breadth (”I will mainly focus on…”). I know you can not cover all the literature in a few pages so it is often better to choose one aspect or question and delve into it rather than to try to provide an overview of the whole area or provide a broader - but more shallow - analysis of many different things.
  • Benkler (and most other texts) are written with a primarily American perspective. Feel free to use examples or correlate with the situation in other countries from which you have relevant information or experiences.
  • Feel free to change or adapt the title of your paper to something that better fits the topic and the contents of your paper. You all created many intriguing titles for last week's assignment; "Free your music", "Marketing in a nonmarket", "Working for free?", "Free software as social media", "The power of us", "Power to the people", "The value of value in an economy", "Information and its price", "To buy or not to buy?", "The costs of creation", "One small tweet, a giant step for mankind", "Distributed thought", "Web 3.0?", "Indonesian social media scene"

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