Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rich pictures/sem assignment 6 presentation

As you know, all 15 groups will present their results of the "rich pictures" (group assignment 6) exercise on Tuesday December 7 (12.30 - 15.00 in "Ljusgården"). Each group should prepare:
  1. A poster (I will provide you with paper)
  2. A short talk where you present your poster and lead the audience through your main ideas
  3. A short document (4-6 pages of text + supporting pictures) where you document your social media solution ("Think of it as a way to document and present your project to people who will not have the opportunity to see you poster")
We have 2.5 hours (= 150 minutes) and 15 groups who will present their results. I suggest each group prepares a 5-minute presentation of their poster and prepare for answering questions from the audience for a few minutes after your presentation. Please practice the delivery of your presentation a few times to make it more professional and please also prepare for talking loud enough so that you can be heard by everyone!

Further see the instructions for assignment 6 (Bilda/Documents/Seminar assignments). In those instructions, I promised to provide you with a document with further instructions at a later point in time. That time is now but I really have a lot of further instructions.

I instead suggest that you ask any questions you might have here, in the form of comments to this blog post. I will answer them to the best of my abilities. Please take into account that this is new territory for me too as this is the first time I use this exercise in a course.

Feel free to provide comments or even suggestions for answers to other students' inquiries if you think you have a good idea.

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  1. I got a question by seminar group C today about the deadline for the 4-6 pages long document that goes with your posters.

    After a brief discussion, I have decided that the deadline will be right before the poster presentation session on Tuesday Dec 7. The session starts at 12.30 and I have created a drop box in Bilda for this purpose.

    The alternative we discussed was for you to hand in the document later next week and to give you the opportunity to incorporate responses into the document to possible questions or comments made during the poster presentation session. That might increase the quality of your documents, but it would however also mean more work for you - so we went with Tuesday instead and then you are done with the assignment right after the poster presentation...